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company background
Business background
Our history began with the foundation of Akrungaroon Industry Co., Ltd. in 1987. The company's mission then was to manufacture mosquito net, as a form of personal protection against nuisance and vector borne diseases mosquitoes, and distribute the products to local market.

Initially the company produced 1,500- 2,000 pieces per day. By mid 2000s, we entered into business with the Roll Back Malaria partners. Shortly after a new manufacturing facility was constructed, achieving a new level of quality and increasing capacity and production output to 7,000 pieces per day. Manufacturing operates around the clock producing an extensive range of mosquito nets.

During the past ten years, we have established reputation locally and internationally for supplying a high quality product with most competitive price. Our customers are WHO, Unicef, EuropeAID, AusAID, Crown Agents, UNHCR, GLOBAL FUND (through Ministries of Health of recipient countries), NGOs, private companies, etc. The trust of those customers is a proof of our competence and commitment to the service.

In 2003, the company was restructured and then renamed as Sunshine World Net 2003 Co., Ltd. This transformation resulted in more streamlined and efficient production capacity, operations and sales.

Due to the demand has shifted from Untreated net, conventional dipped net to LLINs (Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets), we had sought cooperation with the chemical company for the LLINs project. Our project took almost two years to accomplish - a year of planning and trials, a year to develop and establish the manufacturing sites in compliance with Occupational Health, Safety and Environment rules as well as the production traceability and quality control - when the LLIN was recommended by WHOPES at the end of 2006s.

The mission of Sunshine World Net is to provide consumers with, and to be the preferred brand for, high-quality mosquito nets at a reasonable price. Ensuring that families are affordable enough nets for everyone in the household.

Marketing Objectives & Management
To response to the global malaria control strategy initiated by RBM partners and the government of malaria-affected countries, we have now established a vertical cooperation with related industry such as raw materials producers (polyester yarn), insecticide formulators, forwarders and etc. We realize that an effective management of supply will require business partners to communicate, share, and collaborate on a common plan to optimally respond to customer demand using available resources and capacity.

Pricing policy
The retail price of a bed net comprising the sum of four costs: 1) the cost of manufacturing (material and manpower); 2) the profit to be yielded by manufacturer and marketers; 3) transport, insurance and marketing costs; 4) tariff and taxes to be levied by the government. As an independent manufacturer, we hope to undercut some large multinational corporations, who have been set excessive price levels many times that of manufacturer's production costs due to their enormous advertising and promotional campaigns and distribution networks.

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