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Export packing

Export packing

vertical baler

A typical vertical baling machine - a solution for packaging optimization!
Reducing supply chain costs through Packaging Optimization!

Supply Chain costs continue to rise! Everything is up considerably, with most categories at all time highs. In 2005, the economy grew at 6.5%, while logistics costs increased 15.2%, meaning many companies saw profit margins decline.

What most companies do not recognize is that packaging attributes-product's shape, size, and strength of shipping carton-have a significant impact on its supply chain costs.

The efficiency of a company's supply chain is a factor of the network. These are elements such as how far the product moves and how many times it is handled, as well as the physical characteristics of the product like shape, size and density. Many manufacturers overlook the fact that the package has a tremendous impact on the entire supply chain.

compact bales

Key benefits of compressed bale:
1. Shipping costs are reduced because maximum truck loads can be achieved.
2. Material handling, labor, and storage costs are minimized.

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