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ITNs (Insecticide-treated nets)
ITNs have emerged as a very important tool in malaria control in endemic areas. The insecticides used for treatment kill mosquitoes and other insects. The insecticides also have repellent properties that reduce the number of mosquitoes that enter the house and attempt to feed. In addition, if high community coverage is achieved, the numbers and longevity of mosquitoes will be reduced.
Insecticide-treated net

Mosquito nets available
Net can be pre-treated at factory (conventional dipped - active ingredient   as per WHOPES' recommendation) or can be treated by end-user if the net is bundled with "Dip-It-Yourself" sachet - the insecticide treatment kit such as K-O Tab*, K-O Tab 1-2-3*, Fendona *, etc.

Note: 1) K-O Tab and K-O Tab 1-2-3 are the registered trade marks of Bayer Environmental Science
          2) Fendona is a registered trade mark of BASF AG.

Net designs
The most commonly used designs are:
1. Rectangular shape: More details on size & color  
2. Conical shape: More details on size & color....  

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Our mosquito nets' quality follow WHO standards in Specifications for Netting Materials,ref, WHO/CDS/ RBM2001.28.1.2     See specification in details: click here!  

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