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Product Traceability:
Product Traceability System provides the company the ability to store and retrieve the events that took place during processing and the ability to monitor and change certain processes.

By assigning a lot number to raw materials, semi-products, finished products, packaging, etc. the company has the ability to single out quality related issues, improve inventory accountability, distinguish product for individual customers, and maintain inventory control.

Quality control is a key issue. The company believes that quality control has to be judiciously exercised right from the stage of designs, sampling, materials purchase and be a continuous process through out the production.

Our trained supervisors in all departments from warping, knittiing, stenting, etc. to finished products make sure the quailty of products and its standards according to customer demand.

Sunshine's Inhouse lab

Quality Assurance practices are followed at all times, at every stage of procurement, production and inspection, for the purpose of producing quality products only. This verifies product conformance with specified customer requirements. Records of inspections are established and maintained to evidence that products comply with stated requirements.


Our concise quality control manual(need Acrobat Reader)is available here for your reference: download

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